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Photo Trekker presents “Skyward”, a 4K motion time-lapse film that captures some of the most majestic landscapes of America in stunning 4K resolution. It was the most challenging 4 years of my life, shooting for weeks at a time in remote locations but more than that, mastering the skills needed to perfect the art of time-lapses. A whole portion of my life devoted…because of watching a single video online. If you’re into time-lapses I bet you can guess what video it was.
Thanks to the great folks at eMotimo we were able to try out their new TB3 Black for our short time-lapse film, “Vegas 4k”. We were amazed at how light and portable we were. With the bright city lights we were able to shoot very quick time-lapses, even at night.  With the portability of the eMotimo our set up took just minutes and the controller and motor worked flawlessly. Right out of the box we were doing full 2 Axis movement and they even gave us some carbon fiber Rhino Rails to give us full 3 Axis Motion.

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