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Vegas 4K

Vegas 4k Graphic with Aerial Shot of the Buildings in Vegas

Thanks to the great folks at eMotimo we were able to try out their new TB3 Black for our short time-lapse film, “Vegas 4k”. We were amazed at how light and portable we were. With the bright city lights we were able to shoot very quick time-lapses, even at night.  With the portability of the eMotimo our set up took just minutes and the controller and motor worked flawlessly. Right out of the box we were doing full 2 Axis movement and they even gave us some carbon fiber Rhino Rails to give us full 3 Axis Motion.

Stock Footage available here:

Vegas Stock

eMotimo told us about their TB3s precision repeatable move capability so we tested it on this 180 degree spin time-lapse shot of the Strip. We shot 3 separate sequences: day, twilight and night. In post they matched up perfectly, giving us so many options in how we worked with them. We could do a smooth “Holy Grail” transition, or fast music based cuts? I loved the custom music score so much I decided to edit the transition to the beat and break it up a bit. Each time we use the TB3 we always do all 3 sequences when shooting a landscape scene. The options to add stars, clouds or any type of compositing between the shots is endless. And gives you the option of having each version of the shot as stock footage.

Aria Spin

For the ending credits shot we used the TB3 to create a 1000 frame pan time-lapse of (almost) the entire strip! Later in Post I slowed down the shot even more with frame blending and tracked text along the buildings. The TB3 was easy to set up…let me emphasize, VERY EASY to set up. We were set up and shooting in minutes, all from a single tripod.


Want to see how a lot of the shots here were done? Check out the class “Shooting a Time-Lapse Movie with the Camera in Motion” with Rich Harrington and Keith Kiska.

Keith Kiska

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