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Video Production

Always in pursuit of visual excellence, our award-winning camera & lighting departments have evolved with the times. So have our producers & directors, utilizing the highest standards of visual style to fit each unique message. Whatever the perfect look, tool or resolution, our seasoned techs always get it right.
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Motion Graphics

GFX mastery is a Kiska Media hallmark. Words, by themselves, don’t always capture the essence of your message. Often nothing beats a stunning video opener, sizzling text or a captivating design to polish your brand’s luster. Motion graphics brand any presentation with a highly styled wrapper, essential to any cohesive video strategy.
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We all know that an unforgettable animation can steal the show. In fact, CGI has become the go-to for some of the world’s biggest brands. Whether telling stories with animated characters, storyboards or illustrations, skilled animation can transform a branded identity into moving art.

Motion Time-Lapse

We cherish the art of motion timelapse as our portfolio attests. Our state-of-the-art, multi-axis time-lapses are painstakingly captured with the finest optics. In fact, we’re so well-known for this iconic artform we have a website dedicated to it.


As the saying goes, the director is the guts, the editor the brains. For us, this cerebral craft is a labor of love indeed. Our post-production prowess is not only the promise of our partnerships, but the proof.

Sound Design

We believe visual is only half the equation. Perfect audio design, therefore, must be the other. Whether recording, mixing, foleying, mastering or sweetening, none of our visuals achieve their full potential without the commensurate complement of sound. Period.


Sometimes a picture speaks louder than a thousand frames. That’s why we honor the photograph as predecessor of motion pictures. Whether still or motion, the principles of composition and lighting remain the same. From the studio to the Milky Way, we lens the most exclusive spectrum of client deliverables possible.

Live Streaming & Webcasting

The latest rage in communications, we send your single-camera production or multi-cam interactive event far and wide. As your partner in this growing enterprise, we’re undoubtedly the perfect fit. Having already mastered the tenets of video production, graphic design and the tools to deliver them, our seamless live integration is the easy part. It’s no mystery our livestreams and webcasts transcend the humdrum monotony of our competitors.

Creative Development

Story is everything. Ideation, therefore, is our passion. As you’d expect, guiding your concept through to the finished script, whatever it takes, has always been our blueprint for success.

Media Consultation

Well-versed in myriad marketing scenarios involving diverse industries, our goal is to mine, refine and polish the gem which is your story. Happily for our clients, we extend this same thoughtful approach to your budget and schedule.

Stock Footage

Whatever that additional visual brushstroke, we have it all. License our exhaustive, affordable catalog of multiple-resolution stock footage.

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